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Camping places

Marion Mountain We made our second trip out to Marion Mountain July 2004. This is a nice campground about 8 miles north of Idlewild on the 243. It is near San Jacinto mountains in the San Bernadino national Forest. The best site at the campground is 10 followed by 9. 4 and 13 are not good at all as they back inland to the bathroom and have almost no trees. The campground has only 24 slots mostly for 2 cars each. The campground does not have showers and only has out houses. There are a few nice trails 1 is about 2 miles to Some flats, the other is the Marion Mountin hike, you need a wilderness permit to do this and its about 5 miles going up.
Jalama Beach We went here in easter of 2002. It was cold but nice. We camped on the sand which was part of the park, but internal not on the real beach. They had a basketball court and playground. There was a small store that sold food items and also a grill. This campground is in Santa Barbra and requires several miles of winding road to get out to it. The photo shows toward the beach with the small hill before it.
Doheny State Beach This is a favorate beach for camping. It has a nice long beach as well as a grass covered park for games. Some of the sites are nicely secluded and others open up into the neighbors. There are real toilets as well as showers that take quarters. Beach front camps open up to the beach but have no privacy. official web site and also photos of all sites and campsite layout
Stone Creek campground Stone creek is in about 6 miles North of Idyllwild. It is part of the Mount San Jacinto State Park. To get there take the 243 out of Idllwild and make a right at the camping sign, its just before the Ranger Station. Its the same exit for Marion Mountain, Fern Basin, Stone Creek and several other options. There is no windy rode up to it. We went here April 8 2005 With Mom and Dad. we got a bit of sprinkles on the way up and then hit fog. By the time we got to the site it was raining quite hard. This was our first trip with our new REI tent and I am glad we had it. It kept all the rain out. When we got up in the morning we found out that it had snowed the night before. This campground had lots of nice sites that have open area around them. The ranger said that it got down to 28 durring the night. Idyllwild nature center
Indian Pools Hike On Fourth of July weekend 2005 we did a back packing trip to Indian Pools. The trail head was near Hunington Lake at the back of a ski lodge. We hiked in about 2 hours to a nice open medow and set up camp. We fished and caught several of them, including one I got with a stick sharpened to be a spear, I hit a fish and stunned it, several minutes later it started swimming again and ran in a circle and hit the beach, I jumbed in the water behind it and flipped it up onto the sand like a bear. There was a rope swing that we used to jump into the ice cold water.